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Dental Unit Chair

Dental Unit Chair
  • PM-2311

2-hole high-speed handpiece tubing with connector 2 set
2-hole Low-speed handpiece tubing with connector 1 set
3-way syringe(cold and hot) 2 pieces
Strong and weak suction 1 set each
Adjustable headrest 1 set
Double armrest CX-245 1 set
Down-mounted tool tray 1 set
Big instrument tray with one stainless steel tray
5-position for handpieces, syringe and scaler
Water suction and saliva ejector 1 set each
LED operation light with sensor 1 set
24V LED X-ray film viewer 1 set
24V DC motors 1 set
Assistant control system with sensor control panel 1 set
Water purified system 1 set
24V Water heating system 1 set
Pressurized water bottle 1 pc
Auto water supply and flush cuspidor system 1 set
Turnable ceramic cuspidor 1 set
6 functions foot pedal 1 set
Dentist stool 1 piece
PU leather cushion 1 set
Solenoid valve 2 pcs
ABS plastic covers 1 set
PVC air and water tubes
All kinds of copper valves
Without memories
Chair frame without linked movement 1 set
Without safety system
Without options(handpieces, scaler, curing light, air compressor, Oral camera system )

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