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2022 Best Hospital Ambulance Vehicle Manufacturers

2022 Best Hospital Ambulance Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Transit V362

  • Ford

Ford Transit V362 ambulance

Ambulance’s appearance

Original Mid high Roof

Original Mid high steel roof,  the   alarming lamp is installed on the front of roof.

Appearance of  the ambulance

Red 3M paste around the vehicle,the engine cover, tail door and the left and right doors of the cab are   marked with reflective rescue logo;The windows on the right and left sides of the medical cabin, and the   tail doors are pasted with dark sun film.

Warning   and Alarming System and Communication Equipment

Long detonating flash lamp: A set of long detonating flash lamp is   installed on the forehead of the roof with the power of the horn 100W and the   line-controlled controller. (1 flashing / lighting integrated lights include   2 blue flash lamp, 1 lighting lamp).

Equipments in the Medical Cabin

Rescue System

Automatic Loading   Stretcher, built with aluminium alloy, can be operated by a single person;

Stretcher Platform: built   with aluminium alloy,  assist stretcher   up and down from ambulance.

Scoop Stretcher:A   hinged clutch is arranged at the middle of the two ends of the stretcher, so   that the stretcher can be separated into left and right parts. Without moving   the patient, the patient can be quickly placed in the stretcher and   transported to the sickbed or operating table. The length of stretcher can be   adjusted at random according to the length of the patient (4 stalls), and it   can be folded to facilitate transportation and carrying.

Infusion frame: 1 sets of guideway infusion   frames are installed at the ceiling of the medical cabin, containing 2 foldable hooks,load-bearing capacity of   which is 2.5kg.

Oxygen Supply System

Two 10L aluminium oxygen cylinders with nominal   pressure of 15MPA, two German type of oxygen terminals, one medical oxygen   inhaler, one ventilator interface and two double-gauge pressure regulating   valves.

Medical Power Supply System


1000W inverter, stable frequency, voltage, and output power; 5 sets of   110V / 12V multi-functional sockets (can be connected to two / three holes,   AC / DC dual-purpose).

Interior   Lighting

2 LED lights and 1 adjustable operation light at the ceiling of the   medical cabin.

Disinfection System

Ultraviolet   Disinfection Lamp

1 ultraviolet disinfection lamps are installed above the sliding door of   the medical cabin, and the sterilizing lamp has a time delayed starting   function.

Air   Circulation System

Air conditioning / warm air equipment

A set of air conditioning and warm air can be controlled independently,   and the temperature in the medical cabin can be adjusted according to the   need.

Ventilator   fan

A set of DC12V multi-function ventilation fan with suction and exhaust on   the roof can effectively guarantee the efficient air circulation in the   medical cabin, and the ventilation fan with night light.

Medical Cabinet and interior decoration

Separation Wall

Separation wall between driver’s cab and medical   cabin. A sliding window mounted on the separation wall,  and convenient for the observation.

Medical   Cabinet

On the left side of the medical cabinet, a set of long strip cabinet made   of new environmental protection materials is installed, which provides with   storage space such as drawers, blank cabinets and socket doors; on the rear   left side, an oxygen cylinder cabinet made of new environmental protection   materials is installed, which can accommodate two 10L oxygen cylinders; and   above the left side of the medical cabin, a set of hanging cabinet, made   of  new environmental protection   materials is installed. A set of long cabinet with cushion, backrest and   two-point safety belt is installed on the right side of the medical cabin; a   set of first aid cabinet is installed beside the side sliding door and behind   the separation wall; the door of the cabinet adopts aluminium alloy rolling   shutter door. The Department can place 1 sets of small first-aid boxes.

Medical   Interior Decoration

Medical cabin interior: made of flame retardant composite materials,   waterproof, mildew-proof, antibacterial, easy to clean;

Medical cabin floor: made of new   lightweight ground decorative materials, anti-skid, waterproof, mildew-proof,   antibacterial, easy to clean.

Auxiliary   facilities

Foldable Seat

Install 1 folding seat, blue imitation leather and three point seat belts   in front of the bench seat.

Elec. adjustable rear mirrors

Elec. adjustable rear mirrors, right and left   sides.

Parking Distance Control

Install reversing probe on rear bumper.

Sliding window on the sliding door

Sliding window on the sliding door on the right side of the vehicle

Intercom System

Intercom system between the driver's cab and medical cabin在

Fire Extinguisher

The medical cabin and driver’s cab are equipped separately with 1 set of   dry powder extinguisher.

Garbage   cabin

One garbage cabin in the   medical cabin.

Hand wash box

One hand wash box

Safety   grab handle

One safety grab handle   on the right side of the ceiling in the medical cabin.





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