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  • The main features of the Crash Cart?


    Crash carts are an important part of the medical industry. The crash cart allows medical professionals to respond quickly to the code. It is more than just a medicine cart because it contains all the medicines and equipment that may be needed in a life-saving emergency. Let’s find more about it. The Read More

  • Surgical lamp features


    Operating room lighting is the most important consideration for a good operating room. Nowadays, when surgeons perform operations, their requirements for lighting go far beyond simple lighting. These lights are not just light, they should also provide a great infrastructure that allows imaging and c Read More

  • How to use a slit lamp?


    The slit lamp is the core instrument of ophthalmology, and you hope to quickly master its use in the first month of hospitalization. We have collected tips for the highest yield, so that you can check like a professional. These are the difficulties that all beginners must work hard to overcome. Let’ Read More

  • How to maintain the dental chair?


    Dental chair is a huge financial investment for most medical institutions, and if something goes wrong, repair or replacement costs will be high. Many dental chairs are composed of tiny parts, these parts form a complex and sensitive internal structure, with the passage of time and continuous use, t Read More

  • How to maintain an electric operating table?


    The electric operating table is also called OT table,OT bed. It is a large-scale medical equipment in the operating room. With the development of science and technology, the medical field is also constantly innovating. The traditional electric operating table cannot be folded and has a single functi Read More

  • How to look after and care for slit lamp?


    Slit lamp micoscope is an essential and commonly used diagnostic instrument in ophthalmology. It provides illumination and magnification for inspection of many structures in the anterior segment. For complementary lenses.We can also use slit lamp to check chamber angles and important parts of the re Read More

  • How does the Chemistry Analyzer work?


    How does the Chemistry Analyzer work?There are many advantages to automated chemistry analyzer procedures. One purpose is to increase the number of tests performed by a laboratory in a given time. In clinical laboratories, labor is an expensive commodity. Through mechanization, the manual part used Read More

  • How does a dental chair work?


    A dental chair is a chair that patients and clinicians can operate or treat by observing the patient's oral cavity. A dental chair includes an electric and retractable patient seat, and compressed air, a water pipe, a micro motor, a spittoon, and a ceiling lamp are connected to the chair. In this ar Read More

  • How does a crash cart work?


    A crash cart also called emgergency trolley, emgergency response cart, code cart ,crash trolley or "MAX cart" is a set of trays/drawers/shelves on wheels used in hospitals for transportation and dispensing of emergency medication/equipment at site of medical surgical emergency for life support prot Read More

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