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100% cotton absorbent gauze roll, with or without X-ray detectable thread, non-irritating to skin, have a good sense of vision and tactility.

What Is Medical Gauze Roll

Medical Gauze Roll
Poweam gauze rolls can quickly absorb water of exudates from wound surface to form viscous gel. These medical gauze rolls are effective in immediate hemostasis.They are wildely used in hospital, clinic, ambulance etc for first-aid rescue.
Technical Specification:
100% cotton bleached gauze roll
Medical Gauze Roll
Poweam gauze rolls made of 100% cotton, pure white and soft, comfortable, whiteness ≥80 A
Medical Gauze Roll
Good quality, high liquid absorbency
3-5 seconds,Gauze roll mesh of 
7,9,11,13,17,20 threads/cm2
Medical Gauze Roll
PrMesh of 40s/12x8, 19x9,  20x12, 19x15, 24x20, 26x18, 30x20 etc.
Medical Gauze Roll
Medical gauze rolls size: 91cmx5m,
91cmx50m, 91cmx100m, 36"x6yards, 
36"x100yards etc.
Medical Gauze Roll
Poweam gauze rolls could be with or without X-ray detectable thread, No toxic,  no stimulation,  no sensitization
Medical Gauze Roll
Strictly conforming to BP, EUP, USP
standards. For disposable use. Expiring 
time: 5 years

Why You Choose Poweam Gauze Roll

Our gauze rolls are made of 100% pure cotton, without any impurities by carding procedure. Soft, pliable, non-lining, non-irritating meet EP and BP standards. They are healthy and safe products for medical and personal care use.

Poweam established in 1999 and have exported to more than 200 countries and areas already.We have lots of experience in ministry of health,UN etc medical projects. We have big production capacity,strict QC control, and fast delivery service and OEM,ODM is available.

The Situations We Use The Medical Gauze Roll

  • Zig-Zag folded Gauze,Gauze in roll,Folded gauze roll 4ply,Gauze WOW bandage,first aid gauze rolls, plaster gauze rolls etc gauze rolls are all sterile absorbent, they are widely used in clinic for dressing wounds, packing wounds,wound care.
  • Bleached White Sterile absorbent gauze rolls are used for dressing orthopedic surgeon wounds.

  • Medical gauze wraps are used by dentists to reduce soak up excess saliva. Filling cavities or during bleaching or teeth whitening are all need absorbent gauze rolls. Dental gauze rolls is soft, pliable texture won't irritate mouths.The incredible absorbency of our dental gauze rolls makes them reliable and dependable.

  • Sterilize surgical gauze roll dressings are necessar in first aid kit of ambulance.Patients will use these absorbent gauze rolls when wounds.

How To Choose Medical Gauze Roll

Used for holding other wound dressings in place, gauze rolls can be wrapped around the body and secured with medical tape. They are also used to pad an injured area to increase comfort and protect tender wound sites. Gauze rolls are layered, woven cotton that is rolled tightly and sealed in individual packaging. Choosing a gauze roll comes down to a few factors; ply, usage and sterility.

Medical Gauze Roll Data Form


medical gauze roll,gauze jumbo roll


100% cotton gauze roll

Cotton yarn

21's, 32's, 36's, 40's 

Mesh size

40x40, 40x30, 32x28, 30x28, 30x36, 30x20, 28x26, 26x24, 20x12, 19x15,   19x11, 11x8

Gauze roll width

90cm(36")  120cm(48")  130cm(51") other size are available

Gauze roll length

10m, 25m ,50m, 100yards(91m) ,1000m, 2000m, 3000m or other size as customer request

Gauze rolls color

White (standard), green, blue

Gauze rolls type

sterile or non sterile, x-ray detectable or not

Gauze rolls layer  

1PLY   2PLY  4PLY   8PLY

Woven way


How To Use The Medical Gauze Roll

The Medical Gauze Roll FAQ

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