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  • What is an infant incubator?
    In order to welcome the arrival of the new life, you have waited too long, so if something happens to separate you, it will be devastating. No new parents are willing to be separated from their children. If you have a pre-delivered or sick baby, you may need to know something about infant incubators
  • What is a chemistry analyzer used for?
    A chemistry analyzer, also called a clinical chemistry analyzer, is used to measure metabolites in biological samples such as blood or urine. Research on these fluids makes it possible to diagnose many diseases. An example of the use of this chemistry analyzer is the measurement of urine creatinine
  • Why does an operating Theatre have to have a high light intensity?
    For patients preparing for examination or surgery, surgery lights may not be the primary consideration. However, the correct examination or surgical lights in the operating room can bring many benefits to patients and medical staff. In this article we will dive into the topic of the surgical light.
  • What is dental chair?
    The dental chair is the backbone of any dental practice, but its specific uses vary from perspective. For the dentist, the dental chair is an essential tool, an important tool and help good work. However, for patients, the role of the chair is completely different. Mainly furniture, although not som
  • Why would a baby be put in an incubator?
    Infant incubators are equipment shared by pediatric hospitals, delivery centers and neonatal intensive care units. Although the device may have several special functions, it is usually used to provide a safe and stable environment for newborns, who are usually born prematurely or suffer from diseases or disabilities, making them particularly vulnerable in the first few months of life. Why does a baby need an infant incubator? Let’s find out.
  • What is the purpose of operating lamp?
    Correct operating lamp or surgical lighting is essential for patient safety and staff comfort. It should be designed so that the medical team can focus on surgery.In this article, we will learn what the operating lamp is for.
  • What is automated chemistry analyzer?
    The automated chemistry analyzer is used to perform a series of diagnostic functions, such as routine analysis of albumin, creatinine, glucose, bilirubin and inorganic phosphorus. These are also used for analysis to assess thyroid function, blood lipids, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse, etc. The fully automated chemistry analyzer can perform various research functions at a faster speed and provide results in the shortest time.In today's constantly changing medical environment, laboratories around the world are facing the challenge of improving patient care and reducing operating costs. A good automated chemistry analyzer helps laboratories achieve their goals and effectively manage resources without compromising quality.
  • What is an ECG machine used for?
    An electrocardiogram, also known as an electrocardiogram, 12-lead electrocardiogram, or EKG, is a non-invasive diagnostic test that evaluates your heart's electrical system to assess heart disease. It uses flat metal electrodes placed on the chest to detect the electric charge generated when the heart beats, and then draws it into a graph. Your doctor can analyze these patterns to better understand your heart rate and rhythm, identify certain types of structural heart disease, and evaluate heart efficiency. Let’s find more.
  • What are types of patient monitor?
    Close monitoring of patients is essential to provide adequate medical care. Whether you are seeing a doctor in a hospital or through a home care plan, the use of patient monitoring is essential for every healthcare professional. With the continuous advancement of technology, it is easy to find a system that can make your job easier and make your patients feel comfortable. Patient care data entry is a necessary condition for every healthcare provider in any capacity. These electronic files allow doctors, family experts and nurses to obtain real-time patient health information. Updating charts or recording test results is fast and easy. Whether you want to view test results or monitor the blood pressure of patients who are not on-site, no matter where you are, you can do it through these easily accessible data portals.Many patients require continuous monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels.
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