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  • How to look after and care for slit lamp?


    Slit lamp micoscope is an essential and commonly used diagnostic instrument in ophthalmology. It provides illumination and magnification for inspection of many structures in the anterior segment. For complementary lenses.We can also use slit lamp to check chamber angles and important parts of the re Read More

  • How does the Chemistry Analyzer work?


    How does the Chemistry Analyzer work?There are many advantages to automated chemistry analyzer procedures. One purpose is to increase the number of tests performed by a laboratory in a given time. In clinical laboratories, labor is an expensive commodity. Through mechanization, the manual part used Read More

  • How does a dental chair work?


    A dental chair is a chair that patients and clinicians can operate or treat by observing the patient's oral cavity. A dental chair includes an electric and retractable patient seat, and compressed air, a water pipe, a micro motor, a spittoon, and a ceiling lamp are connected to the chair. In this ar Read More

  • How does a crash cart work?


    A crash cart also called emgergency trolley, emgergency response cart, code cart ,crash trolley or "MAX cart" is a set of trays/drawers/shelves on wheels used in hospitals for transportation and dispensing of emergency medication/equipment at site of medical surgical emergency for life support prot Read More

  • How do ECG machines work?


    Elelctrocardiograph machine is short for ECG machine or EKG machine.Poweam Medical supply single channel ecg, three channel ecg, six channel ecg and tweleve ecg machine.But how does ECG machine work?Whether it is a routine examination or a cardiac diagnosis, many people have already had an ECG test. Read More

  • When and how to use face mask?


    Wearing a face mask can help prevent the spread of some respiratory diseases, but if it is not worn properly or discarded, it can also become a source of infection. If you need to wear a face mask, you should also wash your hands often with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer. In this article, we will discuss when and how to use face masks. Read More

  • What was the first ambulance?


    For thousands of years, providing assistance to the sick and injured has been a human concern. This is part of us. The desire to help others is deeply ingrained in our hearts. Equally ingrained is the hope that if we get sick or injured, someone will be there to take care of us. In this modern society, for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for strangers, a reliable source of assistance is an ambulance. Modern emergency medical service is a highly developed system. From the way of receiving and sending rescue requests, the staff provide advanced medical care on the spot. Subsequently, it was quickly transported by ground or air ambulance to an appropriate hospital equipped with medical equipment to take care of the sick or injured. How did we build such a complicated system? What was the first ambulance in history?This article will give an answer. Read More

  • What is the function of the patient monitor?


    Accidents are common in intensive care medicine. One way to detect, diagnose, and treat these events is to use physiological displays that show the patient's vital signs. The monitors currently used in intensive care units (icu) provide information in digital and waveform formats, but most of these displays originated from patient monitors developed by anesthesiologists.What is a patient monitor? You may find more in this article. Read More

  • What is the difference between a hospital bed and an adjustable bed?


    Adjustable beds and hospital beds are two completely different pieces of medical furniture, but they all have one common feature: their heads and feet have adjustable platforms that allow you to change the angle between each part of your body and the floor. In addition, the two are quite different. However, when someone calls a hospital bed an adjustable bed, novices are often confused (because of the shared adjustment function). In this article we compared the adjustable bed with the hospital bed to eliminate any such doubts and strengthen the uniqueness of the two. Read More

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