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Hospital Infusion Pump Syringe Pump for ICU

Hospital Infusion Pump Syringe Pump for ICU
  • CI-1000A Smart


CI-1000A Smart Infusion Pump

Device Dimension :145mm×150mm×200mm

Weight : around 1.7 Kg

LCD Type :LCD with high brightness

LCD size :3.2 inch

Pump :Detachable peristaltic finger pump

Applicable IV set :Exclusive IV Set or standard single PVC IV Set(  10,15,20 and 60 d/mL, with outer diameter 3.4 ~ 4.5mm)

Infusion Mode : Volume mode, bolus mode, drip mode ( optional ), drug mode, volume/time mode

Flow Rate : 10d/ml:1.0ml/h-1200ml/h, 15d/ml:1.0ml/h-1200ml/h

20d/ml:1.0ml/h-1200ml/h, 60d/ml:1.0ml/h-150ml/h

Drip Rate :10d/ml:1.0d/min-200d/min, 15d/ml:1.0d/min-300d/min

20d/ml:1.0d/min-400d/min, 60d/ml:1.0d/min-150d/min

Flow Rate Increment:

10d/ml:1.0-99.9ml/h in 0.1ml/h increment, 100-1200ml/h in 1ml/h increment

15d/ml: 1.0-99.9ml/h in 0.1ml/h increment, 100-1200ml/h in 1ml/h increment

20d/ml: 1.0-99.9ml/h in 0.1ml/h increment, 100-1200ml/h in 1ml/h increment

60d/ml: 1.0-99.9ml/h in 0.1ml/h increment, 100-150ml/h in 1ml/h increment

Drip Rate Increment : in 1d/min increment

VTBI :0.1-9999.9ml,in 0.1ml increment

Total Volume :0-9999.9ml

Time Setting :1 min-99h00min (or>99h)

Flow Rate Deviation : ≤±5%( Standard PVC exclusive or single use IV set after calibration, and Except under single fault condition)

KVO :1.0-5.0ml/h adjustable(keep vein open at the lowest speed)

Purge Rate : 10,15,20d/ml:600ml/h, with purge rate display 60d/ml:150ml/h, with purge rate display

Occlusion Pressure Sensor: optional

Air Bubble Detector: Ultrasonic air detection, >50μl air bubble, single bubble 50-300μl, 10 level adjustable

Alarm Volume :Alarm volume with 10 level adjustable

Button Function :Total Number keypad, user friendly

BOLUS : Bolus Function, flow rate adjustable

Night Mode : LCD become dim in 2mins after night mode on.

Motor Anti- Reverse Function: Motor anti-verse function and monitor the motor constantly.

Self-Testing: Real time self-testing

Acoustic and Visual Alarm: Air bubble in line, upstream occlusion, downstream occlusion, door open, finish, standby time expired, battery low, no battery, battery disconnection, AC Power disconnection, motor error, pump error, pressure sensor disconnection, parameter error, drop sensor error, drop sensor disconnection, free flow, bottle empty, system abnormal, communication error, IV set not calibrated, air sensor error etc.





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