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How does a dental chair work?

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A dental chair is a chair that patients and clinicians can operate or treat by observing the patient's oral cavity. A dental chair includes an electric and retractable patient seat, and compressed air, a water pipe, a micro motor, a spittoon, and a ceiling lamp are connected to the chair. In this article we will discuss about how a dental chair works.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

Ø Types of dental chairs

Ø Parts and functions of a dental chair

1. Types of dental chairs

Types of modern dental chairs

l Portable dental chair: can be carried with you. Usually used in community dentistry.

l Immovable: It is immovable because there is a wide base on the floor. It is heavy. Used in dental clinics.

Types of non-portable dental chairs

l Ordinary dental chair: It has many uses in dental clinics. It is the most commonly used dental chair for dentists.

l Children's dental chairs: Children's dentists use it especially for children patients to keep them happy and interested, because they are not easy to handle.

l Dental extraction chair: -It is also called dental surgery chair. It is used by dentists for surgery or tooth extraction.

General Dental Surgery Chair Pediatric Dental Surgery Chair/Dental Extraction Chair.

2. Parts and functions of a dental chair

l Dental Light / Operator Light/ Bulb

The operator light is used to illuminate the oral cavity or mouth of the patient sitting on the dental chair. This light is positioned 30 – 50 inches from the mouth of the patient. This is practiced so that the light does not shine in the patient’s eyes and he/she might feel uncomfortable. Lights contain dimmer switches to adjust the intensity of light.

Prior to procedures, protective barriers are placed on the handles and switches of the light, such as Plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or any other commercial covers are used. Barriers must be removed and replaced with clean covers after each patient. Frequent cleaning of the light is important.

All movable parts of the light should be lubricated with general all-purpose lubricant agents at least once a week.

l Dental Chair Controls:

The control buttons showed in the above picture are used for movement of the dental chair upside or downwards, according to the convenience of the clinician.

Cup (or Disposable glass) Holder

Disposable glasses/cups (preferably) kept on the holders, are used for the patients to take in water during the dental procedures (as he/she might feel uncomfortable with the blood or debris in the mouth), and then gargle and spit out in the spittoon bowl.

l Spittoon Bowl

A bowl or basin-like receptacle for the patient to spit saliva from the mouth during dental procedures. It is provided with a water pipe supply to clean the bowl and push them toward the drain.

l Air-Water Syringe

It is a dental chair device that supplies a focused stream of compressed air, water, or a combination of both. It is frequently used to clean a tooth surface during dental treatment.

l Bracket Table

It holds the hand instruments and other materials such as -cotton -cotton holders -cement mixes -diagnostic instruments, etc.

l X-Ray Viewer

It helps in the examination and interpretation of the radiographs of the patient’s oral cavity or a tooth.

l Foot Control Motor

Foot control is used by the dentist when both of his/her hands are engaged. It contains the same operating buttons as of the manual one. It sure can be considered safe, as in, it can be operated by foot press while maintaining the instruments sterilized to not be touched by hands frequently during the dental procedures.


Now you know how the dental chair works.

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