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How to choose the right gauze rolls for wound healing?

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They are multiple types of gauze rolls, including Zig-Zag folded Gauze, Gauze in roll, Folded gauze roll  4ply, first aid gauze rolls etc gauze rolls are all disposable consumables and widely used in hospitals ,clinic, medical centers around the world. These gauze rolls are made of cotton and other non-woven materials. There are many choice for the gauze rolls sizes, plys, and fabrics for different usage.

gauze rolls

How to choose the right absorbent gauze roll?

Absorbent Gauze rolls are woven cotton layered, that is rolled tightly and sealed in individual package. Ply, usage and sterility are main factors to decide which gauze rolls to choose.


The thickness and the number of the ply layers for the gauze rollers are very important.For example, some one choose thin 6 ply thickness gauze rolls which is easy to wrap many layers, gaining more control of the thickness in the desired areas.


   Medical gauze roll is used to absorb blood, saliva or other exudates from the wound surface to care the wounds. It has multiple types of form, Impregnated dressings are saturated or covered with pharmaceuticals, like antimicrobials, iodine or hydrogel. Wrapping gauze are used to protect, pat and secure. They are made of elastic, cotton or nylon.Sponges are layered squares of gauze generally used for padding. They typically measure 2*2”  or 4*4 “.

   And from the weave forms, gauze rolls have woven gauze and non-woven gauze type.

Woven Gauze: typically means that the gauze contains layers of woven cotton layered together into multiple ply sheets. Coarse varieties are generally used for debridement, whereas find gauze is typically used for packing to enhance the protective barrier of wound dressings.

Non-Woven Gauze: Non-woven gauze is usually synthetic material made to look like a woven dressing.This design allows for greater absorbency and better wicking, produces less lint and leaves behind fewer fibers than its woven counterpart.


Sterilized gauze roll has been treated with irradiation, chemicals, or heat to kill micro-organisms to make it suitable for dressing wounds and for absorbing body fluids. Non-sterile gauze is primarily intended for bandaging to hold sterile gauze in place.It is not meant to have direct contact with exposed body parts. In order to have added tensile strength, bandages have a tighter weave than sterilized dressing.

gauze rolls

So you have known how to choose gauze rolls already.Contact us for more gauze specifications.




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