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How to look after and care for slit lamp?

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Slit lamp micoscope is an essential and commonly used diagnostic instrument in ophthalmology. It provides illumination and magnification for inspection of many structures in the anterior segment. For complementary lenses.We can also use slit lamp to check chamber angles and important parts of the retina. Its name comes from the fact that the light from a slit is used to illuminate the various structures being inspected.By following these simple suggestions, you can ensure that the performance of the slit lamp is at its best and will remain functional for a longer period of time.


The following knowledge points including:

Ø Slit Lamp Position

Ø Slit Lamp Spare parts

Ø Replace the slit lamp bulbs

Ø Clean slit lamp

Ø Slit lamp operation check

Ø Other care and maintenance tips for slit lamp

1. Slit lamp position

Place the slit lamp in a place that is accessible to both staff and patients, some of whom may have physical disabilities.

A power outlet should be provided nearby, and the power cord should not be located in the passage of staff or patients.

The slit lamp should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, such as direct sunlight or extreme temperatures generated by air conditioning.

Slit lamps should be stored in a dry environment, because if the optical components are exposed to a humid environment (humidity and heat), fungal growth (mold or mildew) may occur on the optical components.

2. Slit lamp spare parts

Spare light bulbs and fuses should be placed within easy reach to avoid delays in patient care.

The recommended minimum inventory of bulbs and fuses is two per slit lamp.

When using parts, they should be restocked immediately.

3. Replace the slit lamp bulb

When handling or replacing the slit lamp bulb, be careful not to leave fingerprints on the bulb. The oil on your fingers will cause hot spots on the bulb, which will shorten the life of the slit lamp bulb. Usually, use paper towels or cotton gloves to handle the slit lamp bulbs.

Check whether the replacement position of the slit lamp bulb shell is correct, otherwise the quality of the slit beam will be affected. The distorted beam can be corrected by adjusting the position of the housing.

4. Clean slit lamp 

The slit lamp should be cleaned at least once a week, if in a dusty environment, it should be cleaned more frequently.

Use a cloth dampened with water to clean the slit lamp housing. Do not use other liquids or corrosives.

The exposed surfaces of the eyepiece optics (1) and objective lens (2) should be cleaned with a soft optical dust-proof brush. If additional cleaning is required after dust removal, you should carefully wipe the lens with a lens cleaning cloth or cotton swab and lens cleaning solution.

5. Slit lamp operation check

The following slit lamp functions should be checked weekly. If any problems are found during the inspection, you should call the hospital's slit lamp maintenance team or service agent.

(1) Slit lamp brightness control: The brightness of the bulb should be changed significantly.

(2) Slit lamp Table movement: move up and down freely.

(3) Slit lamp chin support adjustment move up and down freely.

(4) Slit lamp joystick : Should provide smooth up and down, front and back, left and right movement.

(5) Slit control: The slit width, length  and inclination should be changed smoothly.

(6) Slit lamp illumination rotating arm : It should move smoothly and lock it in place with the locking screw .

(7) Slit lamp microscope rotating arm: It should move smoothly and be locked in place with the locking screw.

(8) Slit lamp lighting tilt latch: The lighting angle should be changed in stages.

(9) Filter replacement knob: The filter should be replaced.

(10) Magnification lever: The magnification should be switched.

(11) The mechanical device behind the slit lamp objective lens that adjusts the pupil distance should move smoothly.

6. Other care and maintenance tips

If there are voltage fluctuations in the clinic, the slit lamp should be inserted into the regulator.

When checking multiple patients continuously, the illumination should be kept at a low level, instead of turning off the lighting between patients and then turning on the lighting again for each patient. This can extend the life of the bulb.

When the bulb is hot, avoid moving the slit lamp because the hot filament is more likely to break.

When not in use, the slit lamp should be covered with a plastic dust cover. If not provided, a simple cover can be made of cloth-the thicker/densified the better.

If the slit lamp is stored in a damp-prone environment, a bag of silica gel desiccant or sterilizing (anti-mold) particles should be placed in the dust cover, or a dehumidifier should be used indoors.


As a conclusion, you should take good care of the slit lamp.




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