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What does a black ambulance mean?

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An ambulance is a vehicle equipped to transport injured or sick people. Emergency medical services (EMS) use ambulances to respond to medical emergencies, quickly transfer patients from the accident site to the hospital, and even provide pre-hospital care. Sometimes you may ask: Why is this ambulance red and why is this green? Why is this a Badenburg style pattern, and this is a stucco stripe on the reflective surface? Why is there a black ambulance? We try to find it out in this article.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Overall to this ambulance color topic

  • The purpose of the ambulance body color

  • The best color for ambulance vehicles

  • What does a black ambulance mean

1. Overall to this ambulance color topic

In countries around the world, different traditions and influences determine the basic colors of emergency vehicles.

In the United States, the color of fire trucks is red or red/white, and the color of police cars is black and white.

In Australia, the ambulance used to be beige-now it is white.

Police cars in the UK are usually leased, so they are ordered in metallic silver to take advantage of the opportunity of a 10% increase in resale value after the lease term expires.

England and the European Economic Community countries now agree to paint their vehicles yellow/green, but each country will retain its different markings.

Regardless of the traditional reasons for the color of emergency vehicles, there are some reasonable technical reasons for choosing a particular vehicle color. In Australia, every delivery truck on the road looks like a white Mercedes sprint ambulance, and agencies rely heavily on colorful uniforms and signs to announce the existence of the vehicle.

2. The purpose of the ambulance body color

The function of the color for the ambulance is to increase the visibility of the vehicle. Color safety is related to the contrast sensitivity of the human visual system. When we see an emergency vehicle most easily, it contrasts with the local background in a specific location. Bright colors that rarely appear in nature are most likely to attract people's attention. Generally speaking, the colors of rural and urban environments are considered dark. Under these dark backgrounds, light objects are easier to see than dark objects.

In the case of road traffic, there are many colored objects in the field of view. The viewer does not need to recognize the color schemes or signs of emergency ambulance in different departments. The driver cannot use precious reaction time to decide which emergency organization he should avoid. He just reacted to avoid the oncoming traffic in front of him. He may realize that the shape of this car is a fire truck, and then experience tells him to slow down, wait or move around it.

The colors in the visible spectrum have inherent differences in brightness. When an image of an object enters the peripheral rod system, the human visual system will initially detect the object in the form of brightness (no color). When more peripheral cone cells are stimulated, the color value begins to be detected gradually. When the object is close to the high cone group in the central vision area, the visual intensity of the color will increase.

3. The best color for ambulance vehicles

There is no doubt that viewing a single body color with high brightness and high color contrast in different light and weather conditions is safer than using two tones or a single dark color.

Most of the ambulance body should be painted in one of the colors shown below, in order of priority. A white undertone requires careful addition of a second highlight color to approximately 10% of the total surface area to increase visibility. The paint surface of the vehicle should be polished regularly to maintain a high reflectivity value.

  • Yellow, green

  • Chrome Yellow

  • white

Many studies have confirmed the effectiveness of yellow-green as the most obvious color for emergency vehicles like ambulances.

Follow-up research in Dallas has been conducted for more than four years. Using yellow/green and white appliances mixed with all red or red and white appliances, early results were confirmed.

4. What does a black ambulance mean

This means that the car was painted with black paint in the factory where it was assembled. There is no other meaning, this is what the owner wants. They are not very common because most ambulances are white or red/yellow if the fire brigade has their fire fighting equipment.

If I have to guess, white is usually used, because most teams, such as ambulances with chassis, are painted white. Then the individual ambulance service will put some stickers on both sides to make it look unique. I think it's cheaper than painting the car blue or other colors because the car is already white.

Nevertheless, some ambulance suppliers decided to paint their rigs with a more prominent color. This color can include black.


Now you know the color for the ambulance now.

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