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What is dental chair?

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The dental chair is the backbone of any dental practice, but its specific uses vary from perspective. For the dentist, the dental chair is an essential tool, an important tool and help good work. However, for patients, the role of the chair is completely different. Mainly furniture, although not something that someone would choose to own at home-unless they have a very unique taste in interior design. Let’s find more about it.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • What is a dental chair

  • Main use of dental chairs

  • Different types of dental chairs

  • History of dental chair

1. What is a dental chair

A dental chair is a specially designed medical device used to support the patient's entire body, just like a recliner, but with joints so that the dentist can tilt the patient to almost any position.

These chairs are mounted on a base that can rotate frequently (but not always) and are connected to a dental engine. The dental engine is a supporting device that provides power, suction, water, etc.

2. Main use of dental chairs

As the name suggests, no matter what type of chairs, the only place you can find these devices is the dentist's office, which is used to assist the dentist with examinations, tooth extractions and oral surgery.

To this end, the dental chair can have a variety of accessories, either on the chair or on the existing dental engine: spittoons, straws, pneumatic tubes, which provide power for various equipment used in cleaning and surgery, and many more.

Modern dental chairs are made of a combination of metal and plastic, usually injected with antibacterial agents to minimize the risk of infection, especially the chair back is very thin, allowing the dentist to sit on the stool behind the patient for easy access.

3. Different types of dental chairs

Despite the amazing number of accessories and options, when you summarize, there are basically three different types of dental chairs, defined by the relationship between the chair and the dental engine, which is another important part of dental surgery.

Ceiling design-all accessories are not on the chair, but embedded in the ceiling, and the chair is placed underneath.

Movable and independent design-wheelchair or folding chair with locking mechanism, designed for mobile operation, usually serving the poorer areas of the country.

Dental operating chair installation design-dental engine and all necessary accessories are built into the operating chair.

In addition to these wide variety of dental chairs, you will also find many variants, including:

The typical feature of the oral surgery chair is the footrest that can be completely lowered.

Orthodontic chairs, which are a whole, full-body chair, are hinged so that they can provide an almost unlimited number of seats.

Simple exam chair.

4. History of dental chair

The history of the dental chair dates back to 1790, when an American dentist Dr. Josiah Flagg modified a simple Windsor writing chair for his dental practice. This is basically an ordinary wooden chair with a padded headrest and a small equipment tray on one side.

Before this, the dental patient was sitting or lying on the floor, and the assistant fixed the patient's head in place when the dentist was pulling a tooth or performing a minor operation.

In 1867, Dr. James Beall applied for a patent for the first such device in the UK. The device is made of wood, with a footrest and a moderate tilt function, allowing the dentist to better access the patient's mouth.

It was not until 1958 that Dr. John invented an adjustable seat posture, and to this day, the design of this seat is still adjustable. This basic design evolved into the three types of dental chairs seen today.

Although there have been many other innovations since then, most of them have been in the form of advances in materials science, allowing chairs to be made of various new materials, automatic adjustment of tilt functions, and so on.

The design of today's dental surgery chair emphasizes the comfort of the patient and is connected to the dental engine. The dental engine is a supporting device of the chair itself. In some cases, it is built into the chair, but more commonly, it is used as a separate device. Appear, provide electricity, suction, water, etc.

That's all about the dental chair.




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