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Do you know ambulances ?

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An ambulance is a vehicle equipped with medical equipment used to transport patients to treatment facilities, such as hospitals. Usually, out-of-hospital medical care is provided to patients. So what does an ambulance usually do specifically? Do you know first aid vehicle? Do you familiar ambulances? What is the function of ambulances ? How can ambulances save life at first time? Let’s check in this article.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

What does an ambulance look like

What kind of equipment are there in the ambulance

What kind of diseases can the paramedics handle in ambulances

What is the function of Negative Pressure system in Ambulances

1. What does an ambulance look like

An ambulance is a vehicle equipped with equipment that provides emergency care to people who are sick or injured and takes them to the hospital. Ambulances can also be used to transport patients between hospitals. There are several types of ambulances with special equipment, including:

Van (the most common ambulance)

four-wheel drive





Air ambulances and helicopter ambulances are mainly used in rural, remote or wilderness areas and certain types of emergency situations.

Ambulances can be stationed in hospitals, clinics, independent centers or airports..

2. What kind of equipment are there in the ambulance

The ambulance is equipped with the equipment needed to stabilize the sick or injured and transport them to the hospital. This includes stretchers, defibrillators, spinal boards, oxygen and oxygen masks, neck (neck) collars, splints, bandages, and a range of medications and intravenous fluids.

Some ambulances are equipped with equipment that allows doctors to perform anesthesia and perform emergency operations.

The ambulance is equipped with well-trained staff. They may be called first responders, ambulance officers, patient transportation officers or use another name. Some (but not all) paramedics are paramedics.

3. What kind of diseases can the paramedics handle in ambulance

Medical staff are well-trained health professionals who can provide rapid emergency medical evaluation and care to those in need. They manage people who have the following experience:

heart attack


Spinal cord injury


mental illness

Some nursing staff obtained medical nursing diplomas through vocational training. The ambulance service is moving in the direction of requiring a university degree in medical nursing science or health science. Intensive care nursing staff also have graduate qualifications.


4. What is the function of Negative Pressure system in Ambulances

The negative pressure system in the cabin of ambulance patients refers to the relative pressure difference between the ambulance cabin and the ambulances outside atmosphere, which is mainly realized by the ventilators active exhaust to the outside atmosphere and the sealing treatment of the cabin.The air in the ambulance sick cabin is generally filtered by hepa filter before it is discharged to the atmosphere, which can effectively reduce the diffusion and pollution of the sick microorganisms to the ambulance and the outside environment.So negative pressure ambulances are widely used all over the word especially in 2020. Our main product including Medical Furniture, In vitro Diagnostics, contact us now!




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