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Fully Automatic 3 Part Differential Hematology Analyzer

Automatic Fully Hematology Analyzer (WHY6180)
Below is parameter:
Using digital filtering, Blood cells overlap calibration, fitting curve, Floating landmark technology, etc,
enhanced accurate and reliable result
Perfect quality control function
Boasts management system for quality control, 9 kinds of control files.
Mean value, SD value, CV value are provided, Automatic drawing L-J graph. Provide matched blood control
Automated Maintenance
Automated washing during power on and power off, reducing the blockage rate
Fan Shape door for easy maintenance
Automatic storing 40,000 samples with all parameters and 3 histograms, 2G SD card is available
Cyanide-free environmental Reagent
Using cyanide-free environmental hemolytic reagent to test HGB, it is safe and environmental.
Easy operation
Colorful Windows interface, no need connecting computer.
Operating by graphic button with mouse and keyboard
  • WHY6280
  • Poweam

Factory Price for Fully Automatic Hematology Analyzer Blood Analyzer
3-Part Diff. Hematology Analyzer (WHY6280) parameter:
Portable Full Automatic Hematology Analyzer WHY6280 parameter information:
25 Parameters: WBC, LYM#, MID#, GRAN#, LYM%, MID%, GRAN%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH,
MCHC, PLT, PCT,RDW-CV, RDW-SD, MPV, PDW, P-LCR and Histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT etc
Working Principal: Electronic impedance, SFT method for hemoglobin
Throughput: ≥ 60 samples / H
Analysis Mode: Optional venous blood, anticoagulant blood and prediluted blood
Sample Consumption: Anticoagulant whole blood ≤ 9.6μL,
Anticoagulant capillary blood ≤ 9.6μL,
Prediluted capillary blood ≤ 20μL,
(the sample consumption above are for repeating two times testing and avoiding second sampling)

Alarm: Automatic system diagnosis, self testing, fault and reagent shortage alarm
Automated Maintenance: Wash automatically during power on and power off, reducing the blockage rate
Standby Protection: 24 hours switch on, sleep and wake up automatically.
Storage: Large quantity test results storage, at least 400, 000 test results with comprehensive information. Extended SD memory supported.
Control Mode: Quality control mode of L-J, X-B and X-r. Westguard quality control regulation
Calibration Mode: Manual and automatic calibration. Fresh blood calibration is available.
Reference Value Setting: The appropriate reference value range could be automatically selected according to the inputted age andSex including children, adults and the aged.

Display TFT LCD (Touch Screen is optional)Bar-code reader is optional
Input Mode Mouse and keyboard (standard). Optional bar code reader and touch screen
Print Mode Internal high-speed thermal printer. External printer is optional.
Report Format More than 8 kinds
Dimension 340mm× 240mm× 320mm
Reagents System POWEAM reagents OR Open systems are optional
Connection Port USB, RS-232, network interface, LPT
GW 12Kg




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