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How to use a ventilator?

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If there is a condition that makes it difficult for you to breathe or has enough oxygen in your blood, you may need to use a mechanical ventilator. This condition is called respiratory failure. A mechanical ventilator is a machine that moves air in and out of the lungs. There are many kinds of ventilators in medical field, it divided into non-invasive ventilator and invasive ventilators. We are mainly talk invasive ventilators here. Invasive ventilators are adopted by hospital to rescue patients.There are many types of this kind of ventilators.Such as basic ventilator, ventilator with air compressor, ventilators for adult, ventilator for pediatric and neonatal. Some anesthesia machine has ventilator inside too, if some hospitals without enough ventilators in special condition,they can use anesthesaia machine ventilator function instead too.Your respiratory therapist and doctor set up a ventilator to control how often it pushes air into your lungs and how much air you breathe. You might wear a mask to let the ventilator air into your lungs. Or you may need a breathing tube if your breathing problem is more serious. Mechanical ventilators are mainly used in hospitals and transportation systems, such as ambulances and medical evacuation air transportation. In some cases, if the illness is long-term, and home care staff are trained, and there are sufficient care and other resources at home, it can be used at home. Using a ventilator may make you more susceptible to pneumonia, vocal cord damage, or other problems. So when to use a ventilator or how to use a ventilator? Let’s find more.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

What can a ventilator help with

The main purpose of mechanical ventilation

Use ventilator for health


1. What can a ventilator help with

The main reason a person may want to use mechanical ventilation is as a form of life support. This is a machine that helps people breathe when they cannot breathe. Many patients who need to be connected to a ventilator will have serious illnesses and are usually placed in the hospital's ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

If someone needs a ventilator for a long time, they can get support at home, in a different hospital, rehabilitation facility, or other place. These machines are used to help the health and life of those who cannot breathe without additional help.

If a ventilator is a necessary emergency procedure, it will usually be insured. In some cases, it can be a life-saving straw.

2. The main purpose of mechanical ventilation

The main reasons a person needs machine ventilation are:

(1) More oxygen enters the lungs

(2) Helps the body excrete carbon dioxide

(3) Make breathing easier, natural or without help

(4) Breathe for those who can't suck air into their bodies at all

For example, if someone has a physical condition or severe muscle damage, it is likely to have difficulty breathing or unable to breathe naturally. A ventilator can help you.

Although mechanical ventilation may be a good way to support people with medical needs, it also has its risks. It does not solve the problem that the patient has at the beginning, but it can help the patient survive until other treatments are used or the patient recovers.

A person may use the ventilator for several hours or days, but it may also be longer. This depends on several factors, including overall health. Some people can never get out of the ventilator, so this is indeed a case.

3. Use ventilator for health

Its working principle is that a tube enters the human trachea through the mouth or nose. When the tracheal intubation is inserted into the human trachea, it is called intubation.

For some people, if they can't pass through the nose or mouth, the surgery must make a hole in the neck for the tube to pass through. In this case, use a tracheostomy tube. This type of tube can stay in place for a longer period of time and allows people to talk to the adapter.

The ventilator is connected to the tube to allow gas (that is, air and oxygen) to flow into the human lungs. These machines can help people breathe completely, and can also supplement a small amount of natural breathing.

Ventilators are able to deliver more oxygen than mask methods because they are more direct. They can have positive pressure and expiratory pressure, which helps the lungs to stay open while air flows in and out.


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