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What is the difference between a hospital bed and an adjustable bed?

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Adjustable beds and hospital beds are two completely different pieces of medical furniture, but they all have one common feature: their heads and feet have adjustable platforms that allow you to change the angle between each part of your body and the floor. In addition, the two are quite different. However, when someone calls a hospital bed an adjustable bed, novices are often confused (because of the shared adjustment function). In this article we compared the adjustable bed with the hospital bed to eliminate any such doubts and strengthen the uniqueness of the two.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Hospital bed features

  • Adjustable Bed Features

  • Differences between the two

1. Hospital bed features

Hospital beds are designed for people with serious medical problems. In addition to adjusting the head and feet of the bed, the bed can also be raised toward the ceiling and lowered close to the ground. This feature helps protect the back of the nursing staff and helps prevent the patient from falling off the bed and getting injured.

The hospital bed has large industrial wheels for quick movement and is equipped with built-in side rails that cannot be removed. The bed control device is usually installed on a railing beside the bed, or controlled by a hand control device connected to the bed. The mattresses on hospital beds are usually six inches of foam covered with a thick layer of vinyl for scrubbing and disinfection. Some hospital beds have permanently installed brown laminate heads and footrests.

Because they are designed for industrial use, hospital beds have bulky frames and come in only two sizes, which does not allow patients to sleep with their partners. It is almost impossible to disguise hospital beds as traditional single beds

2. Adjustable Bed Features

Today's modern adjustable beds allow users to raise the head and feet of the bed to find a comfortable position for various health problems. Adjustable beds allow users to benefit from the adjustable treatment characteristics without negative stigma, and are usually associated with hospital beds.

Adjustable beds are designed for home use, and when placed in a flat position, they look like any traditional bed. The user's current head or foot board can be connected to the base, allowing a seamless transition with the owner's current furniture. Adjustable beds come with double, full, queen and king size mattress options, allowing couples to continue sharing a bed. Other special size options are also available.

Adjustable mattresses are made to strict standards by today's consumers, and compare all the top brands on the market today. They have been carefully designed to withstand thousands of adjustments and come in various degrees of sturdiness.

The adjustable bed is equipped with wired and wireless manual control options. According to the selected model, users can program their favorite positions into their controls to achieve one-key adjustment. Depending on the model purchased, manual control can also operate advanced functions on the bed.

3. Differences between the two

  • Head and foot articulation

The adjustable beds offer head and foot articulation while the hospital beds offer head and foot articulation in addition to height adjustment.

  • Amenities

the hospital beds have no any amenities while the adjustable beds have massage, lightning, alarm and so on.

  • Special design

The adjustable beds are designed to blend with bedroom aesthetic, but the hospital beds designed withutilitarian usage.

  • Require disassembly

The adjustable beds generally requires disassembly before transportation but the hospital beds can be transported using wheels on their base.

  • Control

The adjustable beds have remote control and smartphone control, the hospital beds have manual backup.


Now you know the difference between the two.




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