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Hospital Bed

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  • What is the difference between a hospital bed and an adjustable bed?


    Adjustable beds and hospital beds are two completely different pieces of medical furniture, but they all have one common feature: their heads and feet have adjustable platforms that allow you to change the angle between each part of your body and the floor. In addition, the two are quite different. However, when someone calls a hospital bed an adjustable bed, novices are often confused (because of the shared adjustment function). In this article we compared the adjustable bed with the hospital bed to eliminate any such doubts and strengthen the uniqueness of the two. Read More

  • What is the best hospital bed for home use?


    The hospital bed may be one of the places where your patients stay for a long time. It makes sense to prepare a comfortable bed for the patient so that they feel special, cared for, and most importantly, comfortable. However, since it is a medical bed, there are some criteria to find, which may not be known to ordinary people. In this article, I will help you search and tell you how to choose a suitable bed from the hospital's home beds. Read More

  • How does hospital bed work?


    Hospital beds are the most common durable medical equipment. Despite the name, hospital beds are also used outside of acute hospitals; that is, in rehabilitation institutions, nursing homes, and private residences. The term "patient" refers to a person receiving care in a health care institution or residence (such as a private nursing home or nursing home).So how does a hospital bed work? This article gives an answer. Read More

  • Are hospital beds comfortable?


    No one really likes to be tied to a hospital bed in a building full of strangers. Apart from feeling uncomfortable in an unfamiliar, sterile environment, hospitalization is an experience full of anxiety and uncertainty. However, as the health care industry focuses more on overall patient comfort as an important tool for health and treatment, the way hospitals provide the best care has also changed dramatically. In addition to providing first-class medical services, more and more hospitals also attach great importance to beds for patients. In this article we will discuss the comfort that a hospital bed has to offer. Read More